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Player Security

See where in Arizona the greatest fortunes favor the lucky.


If you receive suspicious materials, telephone calls, or emails, or if you are ever in doubt about information that supposedly came from a legitimate Lottery, you can contact the Arizona Lottery Investigations Unit. It is helpful if you provide us with a copy of any correspondence you received and/or the website address of any suspicious Internet site.

Contact Information:

Please fill out this form to report any suspicious communications you've received.

Phone: 480-921-4499
Mailing Address: 4740 East University Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85034

You also are encouraged to report suspicious information or fraud attempts to your local law enforcement agency.

In addition, you may also report suspected fraud to:

Phoenix Office of the Attorney General
(Consumer Information and Complaints)
1275 W. Washington
Phoenix, AZ 85007-2926
602-542-5763 or 1-800-352-8431


Consumer Protection and Investigation FAQs

When redeeming my prize, will I be notified when a ticket is validated as a winner?
If the ticket is a winner, the terminal will play a tune. If the terminal includes a display screen, the amount won will also appear on the screen. If the ticket is not a winner, that information will also be displayed on the screen.

If I mail my ticket in to claim winnings, do I need to sign my ticket?
Yes. All tickets need to be signed. It is recommended that you sign your ticket with your real name in ink. Signing with your real name ensures you are the rightful owner of the ticket and unlike pencil, most ink types cannot easily be erased. You will also need to complete a winner claim form.

Can I use a signature stamp or mailing label to sign my ticket?
No. The ticket must bear an original signature.

Does my name have to be legible when I sign the ticket?
You should sign your full name on the back of the ticket in the same way you would sign a check or any other legal document.

If a group of players purchase tickets together, do all the members have to sign the ticket?
No. The group must designate one person to sign the ticket on behalf of the group. We recommend that the designated player signs his/her name AND the group's name. For example, John Smith on behalf of The Lucky 9.

Does the person signing the ticket have to be 21 or older?
Yes. In Arizona, a player must be 21 or older to purchase or redeem Lottery tickets.



Immediately upon purchase, sign your name on the back of your ticket.

  • Players are responsible for checking the accuracy of tickets before leaving the store, and for determining whether a ticket is a winner.
  • If you believe you have won, and the terminal rejects, or a retailer disputes the validity of your prize claim, you may submit your claim directly to the Arizona Lottery for review.
  • All risks of redeeming the ticket remain with the player.

If you have any questions about signing your ticket, please see the Frequently Asked Questions below:



The first line of defense in consumer protection is always for players to arm themselves with the information they need to determine whether their ticket has won a prize.

There are many ways that you can check to see if your ticket has won a prize, and we encourage you to use multiple sources of information for verification:

Check the information on the LOTTERY WEBSITE.

  • Ask retailers to print out current winning numbers from the Lottery terminal.
  • Use the "self-checkers" or the Lottery vending machine scanner (if present) at retailer locations. Many Arizona Lottery retailers are equipped with a ticket checker that allows players to self-check their tickets without any clerk involvement. To use a self-checker, simply place the barcode of your ticket under the red light until you hear a beep. For on-line tickets, this is the barcode on the bottom of the ticket.
  • Call an Arizona Lottery Office for information (in Phoenix, 480-921-4400; in Tucson, 520-628-5107) or call the Lottery's Player Hotline at (480) 829-PICK (7425) in Phoenix or (800-499-3798) in all other areas.

(The Arizona State Lottery official audited records of the numbers that were drawn will determine the winner rather than the numbers televised or published on the web.)

We believe there is no substitute for player responsibility and player diligence despite all the assistance that we can provide. Listed below are some other suggestions to keep our games fun and safe:

  • Immediately upon purchase, sign the back of your ticket. This can help prevent someone from trying to cash it in the event it becomes lost or stolen. If your ticket is lost or stolen, report the matter to the Lottery Investigations Unit and your local law enforcement agency.
  • Double-check your purchase. When the clerk gives you your tickets, immediately check them before you leave to be sure you got what you ordered. If you select your own numbers or use a play slip, always check your tickets at the time of purchase to make sure the numbers on them match the numbers you selected.
  • Protect yourself by determining on your own whether your ticket has won a prize before you present it to be validated. If you disagree with a retailer about a particular ticket when you are trying to have it validated, you can always ask for the ticket back and send it to the Arizona Lottery, where we will check it. In fact, Arizona Lottery customers at any time are welcome to send their tickets directly to the Lottery for validation.
  • Look and Listen. When a retailer validates your ticket, if it is a winner, the machine will play a musical chime. If the terminal includes a display screen, the amount won will also appear on the screen in the upper right corner.
  • Keep your tickets safe. On-line tickets should be handled with caution. Do not deface Lottery tickets. Do not expose Lottery tickets to heat. Keep Lottery tickets dry.

Here are some other general reminders:

  • Arizona law prohibits the sale of Lottery tickets to individuals under 21 years of age. You must be at least 21 years old and be able to present a valid form of identification to purchase or redeem Lottery tickets.
  • Only buy Lottery tickets from authorized Arizona Lottery retailers. If you are approached by someone offering a "winning ticket" for cash, refuse the offer and contact the Lottery Investigations Unit immediately at 480-921-4499 (Mon-Fri. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.).
  • Cash, debit cards, money orders, or travelers cheques are accepted forms of payment. Buying tickets with a credit card is at the discretion of the individual retailer. Credit cards are not accepted at either the Phoenix or Tucson Office Claims Stores.
  • Remember, in order to claim any Lottery prize, you must have your ticket.
  • How-to-Play information can be found on your ticket, the Lottery's website on the GAMES page, at any Lottery retailer, or the Lottery's Player Hotline at (480) 829-PICK (7425) in Phoenix, or (800-499-3798) in all other areas.
  • The overall odds of winning are printed on all Scratchers tickets. Odds for each prize level, as well as number of prizes remaining, are available by clicking on the individual game on the SCRATCHERS page.
  • If you purchase a Scratchers ticket, check it and make sure the latex has not been previously scratched anywhere on the ticket. If the ticket appears to have been tampered with, contact the Lottery Investigations Unit immediately.
  • Information about Scratchers game-end dates and the final date to redeem prizes is posted on the website on the SCRATCHERS ENDING DATES page.
  • The final date to redeem a winning Scratchers ticket is 180 days after the announced end of game date.
  • The final date to redeem a winning ticket for an on-line game is 180 days from the drawing date.
  • The Arizona Lottery Retailer Rules prohibit Lottery retailers from charging a commission or fee for cashing a winning ticket. If this occurs, contact the Lottery Investigations Unit immediately at 480-921-4499 (Mon-Fri. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.).
  • Report any suspicious activity or concerns that you have regarding a Lottery ticket purchase to the Arizona Lottery immediately.
  • The Arizona Lottery is not liable for lost, stolen, or damaged tickets.
  • Visit the Arizona Lottery's I WON, NOW WHAT? page for additional claim information and for all the latest LOTTERY NEWS.



Every day, criminals find new ways to scam victims out of their money. Illegal lotteries operate from locations all over the world and notify "winners" with enticing language via the mail, phone, or Internet. Sometimes the enticements are about phony lotteries in the United States, but they can also be from as far away as Australia and Europe. These lottery solicitations violate U.S. law, which prohibits the cross-border sale or purchase of lottery tickets by phone or mail.

The only lottery that is legally authorized to operate in Arizona is the Arizona Lottery. If you receive suspicious materials, telephone calls, or emails, or if you are ever in doubt about information that supposedly came from a legitimate lottery, call the Arizona Lottery Investigations Unit immediately at 480-921-4499 (Mon-Fri. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

The Arizona Lottery offers these helpful tips to avoid lottery scams:

  • Never accept a collect telephone call from someone claiming to be a Lottery official. Legitimate Lotteries do not call collect.
  • Never respond to a letter, phone call, or Internet message from someone who claims they can guarantee you a prize. The Arizona Lottery does not guarantee you a prize, only a chance of winning one if you buy a legal ticket from an authorized Arizona Lottery retailer.
  • Buy Lottery tickets only from authorized Arizona Lottery retailers. Arizona Lottery tickets can only be purchased from licensed Arizona Lottery retailers. The Arizona Lottery does not sell tickets through the mail, over the Internet, or by subscription.
  • Never purchase tickets from foreign Lotteries by phone, mail, or the Internet. The sale and trafficking in foreign Lottery tickets is a violation of federal criminal law.
  • Unless you specifically entered an Arizona Lottery promotion, you will never be contacted by us informing you that you have won a prize. If you did not purchase a Lottery ticket or enter a secondary drawing, you cannot win a prize.
  • If you are going to participate in a "Lottery pool," do so only with people you know and trust.
  • Never agree to help a stranger cash a Lottery ticket. If you do, more than likely you will become the victim of a "Pigeon Drop" scam. If you are approached by a stranger asking for help to cash a ticket, contact the Arizona Lottery Investigations Unit and your local law enforcement immediately.
  • Never redeem a Lottery ticket for someone you do not know. Some scams are operated by groups of individuals who travel around the country, approaching victims with a wide range of stories. Below are some examples of scams and the truth behind them:


SCAM: "This is a winning ticket, but I need money to claim it. If you help me with the money up front, I'll share the jackpot with you."
TRUTH: Once a ticket is bought, no money is EVER required to claim a prize.

SCAM: "I can't cash in my winning lottery ticket because I'm not a U.S. citizen."
TRUTH: You do not have to be a U.S. citizen to claim a lottery prize.

SCAM: "Let's call the Lottery. They'll tell us this is a winning ticket."
TRUTH: The Arizona Lottery does not confirm that a ticket is a winner over the phone. The person on the phone is part of the scam.

SCAM: "We need to hurry! I need to get back to my family - it's an emergency!"
TRUTH: The thieves are trying to rush you so you don't have time to think or call a family member or friend for advice or help.

The old saying still holds true, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." Don't be a victim, and don't let anyone you know be a victim. When you hear one of these stories - get away, call the police, and give them a description. Help stop these criminals before they strike again.

The Arizona Lottery provides fun, excitement, and prizes for players. DO NOT let con artists and criminals take your money and spoil your fun. If you feel you have been a victim of a lottery scam, report it to the appropriate authorities. For more information on reporting fraud and scams, click here.

The following are resources where you can learn more about frauds and scams:





Don't Be a Victim. Be ALERT:

Ask questions
Listen carefully
Educate yourself
Refuse to be pressured
Tell the authorities

Arizona Lottery Consumer Protection and Investigation Department is charged with maintaining the integrity and fairness of all Lottery games and drawings by ensuring that its statutory responsibilities (Arizona Revised Statutes) and commitments to honesty, accountability, and service first are fulfilled.

The members of this department are assigned a myriad of responsibilities to ensure game integrity and fairness, some duties included by are not limited to:

  • Concerns and complaints from Lottery retailers and players.
  • Conduct the live drawings of all Arizona Lottery games in the role of draw manager.
  • Complete systematic compliance investigations for each licensed Lottery retailer.

Proactive investigations at Lottery retailers to ensure ticket validation integrity.