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Arizona Lottery Celebrates a Winning Year in 2023: Unveils Impressive Wins and Community Impact

From Life-Changing Jackpots to Small-Town Triumphs, Arizona Lottery Reflects on Diverse Successes and Contributions in the Past Year

PHOENIX (December 27, 2023) – As December draws to a close, the Arizona Lottery is thrilled to reflect on an extraordinary year of success and excitement. In 2023, the state experienced a remarkable surge in lottery wins, totaling an impressive 16,417 over $600 each across various games. Across all wins resulted in more than $868 million in total prizes distributed to lucky winners, contributing to the thrill and joy of Arizona Lottery players.

The excitement of the year doesn't stop there. From life-changing jackpots to heartwarming community wins, the Arizona Lottery has been at the forefront of creating lasting memories for its players, contributing to the thrill and joy of Arizona Lottery enthusiasts across the state.

These wins were facilitated by the Arizona Lottery's network of more than 3,200 licensed retailers throughout the state. The lottery retailers not only serve as hubs of entertainment but also as valuable contributors to the local economy, receiving more than $98 million in

"The thrill of winning and a moment to dream, combined with the opportunity to give back to Arizona communities with every ticket, is what makes our games special,” said Arizona Lottery CEO, Alec Esteban Thomson. “This year was one of prizes, fun, and record-breaking impact, but it's not just about the numbers; it’s about the moments of happiness and excitement we create for our players."

Among the wins in 2023, the Arizona Lottery celebrated several notable victories in popular games such as Mega Millions and Set for Life Scratchers®. These games captivated players across the state, adding an extra layer of excitement to the lottery experience. Remarkably, wins were not confined to urban areas, as the Arizona Lottery proudly witnessed victories in small towns, highlighting the inclusive nature of the lottery and its ability to bring joy to communities of all sizes.

The largest wins in the state were a $4 million Mega Millions® ticket sold at the Tonopah Travel Center and two Set for Life Scratchers tickets with top prizes of $250,000 a year for 20 Years. One ticket won in Phoenix, while the other won in Casa Grande.

Beyond the thrill of winning, the Arizona Lottery emphasizes its commitment to giving back to the state and its communities. Proceeds from lottery ticket sales continue to fund crucial programs in higher education, economic development, environmental conservation, and health and human services. By playing the lottery, Arizonans are not just chasing dreams; they are actively contributing to the betterment of their communities.

In addition to celebrating individual wins, the Arizona Lottery takes pride in being a positive force for the state, fostering growth, education, and community well-being.

As we bid farewell to 2023, the Arizona Lottery looks forward to another year of excitement, anticipation, and community impact.