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Arizonan Wins $108 Million Mega Millions Lottery Jackpot

Multi-State draw ticket matches all six numbers in Friday night drawing

PHOENIX (October 23, 2021) – A multi-state draw ticket sold at Desert Martini at 2120
McCulloch Boulevard, North Lake Havasu City, Arizona, on October 20 th matched all six
numbers in Friday night’s Mega Millions® drawing, winning $108 million, or $75.2 million in

“We are excited to see this ray of Arizona sunshine as we celebrate our second-ever Mega
Millions jackpot winner,” said Gregg Edgar, Arizona Lottery Executive Director. “This is a life-
changing moment for this lucky winner and it also means millions of dollars to our state’s
economy, to this winner’s community, and, to the vital programs and services funded by Arizona
Lottery ticket sales.”

The $108 million winning ticket may be paid in 30 graduated payments over 29 years if taken as
an annuity or a lump-sum cash payment of $75.2 million. Both prize amounts are calculated
before taxes. The Desert Martini retailer will also receive a $50,000 bonus from the Arizona
Lottery for selling the winning ticket.

Arizona Lottery ticket sales fund more than a dozen vital programs across the state, including
health, housing and job assistance for the homeless; support for Arizona’s foster children;
funding to nurture and grow our state’s economy in a pandemic-challenged environment; and
monies to augment efforts to preserve and protect Arizona’s iconic wildlife and habitats.
Players have 180 days to redeem their winning tickets, and must sign the back of their winning
tickets to ensure no one else can claim their prize. Winners should consult with a financial
advisor before claiming their prize.