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Grand Canyon Conservancy Announces $50,000 Sponsorship of Video Series “Grand Canyon Moments” by Arizona Lottery

GRAND CANYON, ARIZ.—Grand Canyon Conservancy is pleased to announce that the Arizona Lottery is donating $50,000 to sponsor an educational series of videos called “Grand Canyon Moments.”

“Grand Canyon Moments,” launching the week of May 4, 2020, is a 20-week series of short, two to three-minute videos that will bring Grand Canyon National Park to viewers at home. These inspiring videos will cover a range of topics related to Grand Canyon National Park, including dark skies, trails, geology, ecology, history, wildlife, the Colorado River, American Indian connections, and much more.

“This generous gift from the Arizona Lottery will allow Grand Canyon Conservancy to bring Grand Canyon National Park to those who have been to the park before and are longing for another trip and those who have always wanted to visit,” said Theresa McMullan, Grand Canyon Conservancy Chief Executive Officer. “‘Grand Canyon Moments’ is a way for us to provide education about the canyon’s rich natural and cultural history while the park is closed and will continue to be an educational resource after it reopens.”

“The Arizona Lottery has been funding efforts to preserve Arizona’s unique wildlife and landscapes, through the Heritage Fund, for over a quarter century. There is no landscape more iconic to Arizona than the Grand Canyon,” Arizona Lottery Executive Director Gregg Edgar said. “By sponsoring this video series, Arizonans of all ages will learn more about Grand Canyon, developing within them a deeper appreciation for this natural wonder of the world and a desire to protect it for generations to come.”

“Grand Canyon Moments” is a Bristlecone Media production, with cinematography and editing by Ryan M. Christensen and original music by Alexis Marsh and Samuel Jones. To watch, visit https://www.grandcanyon.org/park-information/grand-canyon-moments/ or follow Grand Canyon Conservancy on Facebook (@grandcanyonconservancy).


About Grand Canyon Conservancy

Grand Canyon Conservancy is the official nonprofit partner of Grand Canyon National Park, raising private funds, operating retail shops within the park, and providing premier guided educational programs about the natural and cultural history of the region. Our supporters fund projects including trails and historic building preservation, educational programs for the public, and the protection of wildlife and their natural habitat. Grand Canyon Conservancy inspires people to protect and enhance Grand Canyon National Park for present and future generations. For more information, visit www.grandcanyon.org.