Working with the Lottery

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The benefits of selling lottery tickets

Increased Traffic And Sales

  • Lottery customers spend more money and visit more frequently each week.
  • In 95% of store visits, Lottery customers purchase at least one other product.
  • Lottery is a destination product that creates customer retention and emotional ties to your store.


  • 6.5% commission on all Lottery sales. (One of the highest lottery commissions in the country.)
  • Opportunity to earn an additional 0.5% performance incentive.
  • Additional incentives can be earned through a variety of Lottery promotions.

Ongoing Support

  • Regular visits from your Territory Manager to provide training and sales information.
  • Telemarketing support to ensure accurate and current ticket inventory.
  • Marketing support at no additional cost.
  • Reliable technical support and maintenance of Lottery equipment.

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