Arizona Lottery Launches Two New Fast Play Games

  • By asaltford
  • Oct. 07, 2018

PHOENIX (October 07, 2018) – Arizona Lottery players now have two more opportunities for instant wins with the new Arizona Lottery Fast Play games: Hot Numbers and $20 on the Spot. These two games give Arizona Lottery players the chance to win up to $2,000 instantly!

Not only do players love these games because they know immediately if they’ve won, they also have attractive odds and numerous opportunities to win. Hot Numbers has a total prize pool of more than $4.8 million and a 1 in 3.51 chance of winning. Players also have a chance to win up to eight times on a single Hot Numbers Fast Play ticket for only $5.

When players play the $20 on the Spot Fast Play game, they can win up to 10 times on a single ticket, up to a total of $2,000. With a prize pool of more than $730,000 and odds of 1 in 4.52, players won’t be able to resist the instant fun for just a buck!

“We are excited to be adding to our Fast Play game category,” Executive Director of the Arizona Lottery Gregg Edgar said. “This instant experience allows our players to enjoy their two favorite game categories in one ticket and by offering more state games, the Arizona Lottery has an opportunity to further increase sales, which will create a significant impact on vital programs that serve Arizonans across the entire state.”

The Arizona Lottery launched this new category of instant games this year with four different Fast Play games. Now, Arizona Lottery players are excited to see a growing portfolio of Fast Play games and the Lottery plans to release new games every quarter.

Hot Numbers and $20 on the Spot Fast Play games are available for purchase at all Arizona Lottery retailers. For more information on Fast Play, visit