Following are the men and women who head up the Arizona Lottery team. These leaders come together to direct the agency regarding core values, strategic planning, and team building, which in turn has helped the Lottery continue to grow sales year after year.

Gregg Edgar Willie Office Image

Dear Players,

Thank you for your patronage of the Arizona Lottery. Whether you're playing to win big or just for fun, know that your contributions help people in communities throughout Arizona. Since 1981, more than $4 billion in funding has been used to support programs and services that benefit people of all ages.

It is our objective to create a memorable player experience, so you continue to enjoy playing the Lottery. With your dedication, we can continue to give back to our great state and improve the quality of life for Arizonans.

Again, thanks for playing!

Gregg Edgar

Sales Director Raynie Hosto

Raynie Hosto

Deputy Director: Customer Service and Sales

Marketing and Products Director Chris Rogers

Chris Rogers

Deputy Director: Marketing and Products

CFO Biju Kamaleswaran

Biju Kamaleswaran

Deputy Director: Operations

Sherri Zendri

Sherri Zendri

Deputy Director: Legal Services